How do we make our espadrilles?

The elaboration of an espadrille is a contemporary process with roots in the past, keeping the essence, the tradition and the craftsmanship of centuries of history.

Toni Pons is an eco-friendly brand, that’s why we only use high-quality natural materials.

Toni Pons materials

The jute sole manufacturing process:

The soles of our espadrilles are produced in a traditional way, using high quality jute.
We make skeins with the jute fibre and if necessary, we dyed them in order to get coloured soles. Then, we make the braids with specialized machines.

Toni Pons trenzado

After that, the sole is hand-crafted on a turntable table to get its original shape. 

Toni Pons suela

This sole is sewn transversely to reinforce it and finally we add a layer of natural rubber using the vulcanized process.

Toni Pons vulcanizado

The hand-sewn process: 
The current elaboration process of an espadrille is very similar in some ways as it was centuries ago. The touch of the hand-stitching is the most easily distinguishing feature of the Orígens range by Toni Pons. We maintain the craftsmanship on this process that joins the upper and the sole together through the hand-sewn.

Toni Pons cosido