You just added some new Toni Pons espadrilles to your wardrobe and you cannot wait to wear them this summer; but do you know how to clean them and take care of them? Below, you will find some tips to get your Toni Pons espadrilles to stay perfect for longer.

First of all, it must be kept in mind that natural jute fibres can be easily damaged by water; therefore, it is important to avoid, as much as possible, contact of your espadrilles with water. It is not recommended to use them on rainy days and it is important to keep them in a dry place without humidity so that they remain in perfect condition.

Under no circumstances should the espadrille be put into the washing machine, or submerged in water or placed under the tap, since the jute in contact with the water swells and will be damaged, falling apart.

In case of rain, if the jute sole gets wet or acquires dampness, the best is to let it dry in the open air, without exposing it directly to the sun and always keeping the espadrille in a horizontal position.

To clean the jute soles, it is better to remove the dust using a soft bristle brush.

In case there are stains on the jute, they can be removed with an eraser. Another option is to sprinkle talcum powder over the jute and let it work for a few minutes to absorb the stain. Then use a brush to remove the spot completely.

To clean the upper of our canvas espadrilles, we use a microfiber cloth (one that does not detach threads). We moisten with water and rub gently. It is also possible to use a soft bristle brush.

If necessary, we can add a little bit of neutral soap to the moistened cloth and rub gently. Next, to remove the soap residue, we will use another microfiber cloth with water.

To clean leather footwear, you can use a soft bristle brush or a cotton cloth slightly damp with water.

To moisturize leather footwear or for a deeper cleaning, we recommend using a special colourless moisturizer for footwear with a cotton cloth that does not detach threads.

To clean suede footwear superficially, we recommend using a microfibre cloth slightly dampened with water and then rub gently. Since the suede is a delicate material, the best advice to prevent dirt is to use a special waterproof solution for this type of leather.

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