Whoever loses their roots,
loses their identity

The firm was founded by Antoni Pons Parramon in the shape of a typical basic shoe factory of that time. Espadrilles made with jute or rubber and leather boots were the first products created under the Toni Pons brand, which were produced in the traditional way in Osor, a small village near Girona.

1960 - 1970

2nd Generation

Antoni Pons i Carós, at the age of 18, having both worked and studied in the preceding years, joined the organization with the vision of enlarging the scope of the brand, up to this point purely local, to an international brand.

This incorporation coincides with the recent move of the Toni Pons headquarters to the city of Girona. The logistical advantages of this new geographical location were key to the firm’s decision to move.


expansion begins

The year 1991 was a key one in the firm’s international projection. The firm took the step of entering the French market. Right from the outset it achieved wide acceptance from French customers. It is a market which has a huge appreciation for espadrilles, as summer footwear and for their characteristic artisan aspect.


70th anniversary

Toni Pons celebrates its 70th anniversary and the firm decides to update the brand from top to bottom. From the reformulation of the logo to the restructuring of the collection, which will now be divided into sections with their own specific personality.

Moreover, the company launches into the retail market with the opening of Toni Pons Spaces; flagship stores located in the main commercial areas in different cities: Barcelona, Madrid and Sitges.

The business is leaded by Jordi Pons, the third generation, who joined the company in 2012 with the aim of carry on with the expansion. The brand continues its commitment to the internationalization, by now having a presence in shop windows worldwide in every continent on the planet.


New website &

toni pons 2018

The company takes the final leap to the online world with the launch of a new brand website and an e-commerce. One more step in the brand's growth project, which allows Toni Pons espadrilles be available worldwide within a click..

To support all the growth projects, the company opens a new warehouse in Girona with a 3.000 m2 surface for logistics.

Our values

“L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux”
“What is essential is invisible to the eye ”

“Le Petit Prince” (1943). Antoni de Saint-Exupéry

At Toni Pons, ever since our beginnings, we have striven to work in consonance with certain principles and values that we consider to be non-negotiable: A job well done, common sense and projecting warmth, honesty and social credibility. These values, along with the company’s firm commitment to the environment and the community, have always been and will continue to be the true character of our brand.

“The social role fulfilled by companies is undeniable, and an honest approach leads to credibility and trust. A successful project can equally be a socially and environmentally responsible project, one that dignifies the collective to which it belongs”.