The streets of El Born, sinuous and full of life. With its buildings, small shops and restaurants, they keep the beauty, the tradition and the history of this wonderful Mediterranean city.

We get deeper into the streets of El Born in an Autumn day, to discover the secrets of Barcelona, its history and its people.

.Toni Pons Pavia y I16BB       

Toni Pons Fall-Winter 2019-20 collection for women is composed by three footwear collections, with different designs for each style and for every moment.

The #instint collection by Toni Pons, with a minimalist, feminine and comfortable style, features boots and ankle boots in Winter tones such as grey, olive green, navy blue or brown.

Toni Pons I-30SY

The sportive shoes from #instint collection are made of suede with metallic finish and in soft velvet with synthetic fur lining.

Toni Pons GES-VL

Our #instint collection for men, is composed by shoes with laces and leather ankle boots. With a palette of winter grey, or brown, leather and violet tones that evoke the freshly cut firewood.

 toni pons I-16BB I-33BB

We also find the street style inspiration in sportive shoes made of wool and fabrics combined with suede. The colours are both cold, in gray and blue tones, or in dark green or brown tones.

toni pons gorka-tc

Toni Pons Winter collection, for urban women, consists of shoes, boots and ankle boots perfect for an urban look with a casual style and without giving up confort.

toni pons pont-pof prato-sy

The new winter collection by Toni Pons also presents a footwear line with a unisex-inspired design, the wallabe model, dressed in warm tones (mustard, burgundy, brown ...) and with the sole in crepe.

toni pons keta-sy

Toni Pons Slippers collection takes us to the warmth of home in winter. Styles with a cozy, warm air and with a rustic touch.

Within the Slippers collection we find different lines inspired by various concepts.

Winter espadrilles with Christmas motifs.

toni pons miri-nd

Slippers with vivid and contrasted colours.

Toni pons miri-db

Slippers with inner lining of synthetic fur, which evoke maximum warmth and comfort.

toni pons maia-fp

The anorak inspiration also comes inside the house, with models of winter espadrilles made with quilted fabrics.

toni pons mel-kr nadir-um