Wedge espadrilles by Toni Pons for this Summer

Toni Pons collection for 2019 Summer season comes full of options with the latest trends in women's espadrilles. Among this season’s trends, we find wedge espadrilles.

Toni Pons jute wedges are made with natural fibres and using a handmade making process, the hallmark of the brand.

But what about women who are not used to wearing heels, or that prefer to wear low shoes? Or those who, on the contrary, choose to get on high heels?

In our women collection we offer wedge espadrilles for all tastes, from low wedges to medium wedges or high wedges, all combined with latest trends in materials and colours.

For those who prioritize comfort in footwear, we propose a wide variety of low wedge espadrilles. Styles such as EMPURIES, ERIN-GR, EVON-XA, GAVET or ROMINA among others, with wedges from 3 to 5cm, perfect to wear on a day-to-day basis.

Toni Pons low wedges

In other cases, we want to grow up a few centimetres without renouncing to comfort. For this cases, Toni Pons has a wide variety of medium-high jute wedges. We can find them in models such as TEIDE-P, CARINA-VH, TONA, CROACIA, VALENCIA or CALDES among many other options. In these styles the wedges usually measure around 7cm.

ltoni pons medium wedges

Finally, sometimes we want to put on a high heel, but we fear that it wouldn’t be comfortable enough for the whole day. In this case, the high wedge espadrilles are the perfect option. They stylize and provide a very chic touch, while keep the comfort of jute espadrilles.

Our highest wedges, up to 10cm, are featured in models such as SHARON, PERU-A, PURI-M, PALS or NOEMI-A among others.

toni pons high wedges

At Toni Pons 2019 Summer collection you will find wedge espadrilles for all tastes and for all occasions.