1. Saison Automne - Hiver 2016-17

    [vc_row][vc_column]L’automne arrive et notre armoire change petit à petit, nos looks aussi et nous nous préparons pour commencer une nouvelle saison que, comme l’été que nous laissons en arrière, …

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    Recently a new Toni Pons store opens its doors in Madrid. Placed on Arenal Street, one of the most centric and crowded street in the capital, this store gives to the visitors the opportunity of bringing home a pair of our …

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  3. Interview with Charles Clinkard

    Interview with Charles Clinkard

    Interview with Charlotte Drury, in representation of the Clinkard Group, a leading brand of shoe stores of the United Kingdom. What is the story of your company?  . Charles and Eveline Clinkard opened their first shoe shop in 1924, …

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  4. Spring 2016 Runway Trends

    Spring 2016 Runway Trends

    . As winter is on its last legs, magazines and stores are already filled with color and fashion trends this spring will be in. With the arrival of the warm weather multicolored stripes will fill your wardrobe as we have seen on the main SS16 …

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  5. París, je t'aime.

    París, je t'aime.

    Paris is the city of light, lovers and love. Divided by the Seine, the French capital is one of the world's most beautiful and romantic cities; full of historic places, artistic treasures, gastronomic treats and icons of fashion and design. …

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  6. It's London time

    It's London time

    London is one of the most cutting-edge and cosmopolitan cities on the planet thanks to the diversity of its neighbourhoods, where more than 40 different cultures and over 300 languages are represented.. The city offers the perfect combination …

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  7. Trade Fairs 2016: Toni Pons travels the world

    Trade Fairs 2016: Toni Pons travels the world

    Tokyo, New York, Milan, Paris, London and Las Vegas were some of the cities in which Toni Pons presented the new collections for the Summer 2016 season this year. The travels of our espadrilles via more than a dozen prestigious international …

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  8. Winter is coming… wrap up with Toni Pons

    Winter is coming… wrap up with Toni Pons

    The days are getting shorter and the heat of summer is giving way to the warmth of autumn. The leaves on the trees are turning gold and ochre and the time has come to put your espadrilles away until next summer. Toni Pons presents his new …

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  9. A step towards the future

    A step towards the future

    Faithful to its roots and with the same enthusiasm as almost 70 years ago, Toni Pons is moving towards the future with the aim of reinventing and improving the firm every day. The brand’s new image goes way beyond the simple …

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  10. La Bella Roma

    La Bella Roma

    . Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with a millennial history that imbues each and every one of its streets and spectacular monuments. Strolling around the Italian capital and soaking up its Mediterranean climate will make you …

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