In the last few months Toni Pons has growth thanks to the new store openings and new franchises. Nowadays, Toni Pons count on 8 stores in Spain, 4 in Mexico and one in Malaysia, and a continuous growth thanks to the wholesale customers and the recently opened online store www.tonipons.com

With the aim to meet this growth in all the sell channels, Toni Pons has recently opened a new logistic warehouse in Girona. The new space, with more than 2000m2 is located next to the brand headquarters.

Toni Pons nau

With the building of this new space, Toni Pons has divided its logistics in two warehouses, that have taken the name of two of the brand collections: Orígens and #instint.

The Orígens space houses the headquarters, the design department and the Orígens collection warehouse (the hand-sewed espadrilles collection). The new #instint space is used as warehouse for the rest of Toni Pons collections.

Toni Pons Nau2

In 2017 more than 620.000 pairs of espadrilles, passed through Toni Pons warehouse, and this year’s forecast is more than 700.000 pairs.

In the logistic center we keep an average between 80.000 and 100.000 pairs of espadrilles. Although, during the high activity months (from November to April), our warehouses can keep up to 250.000 pairs. With this new space, Toni Pons ensure the best service for the wholesale customers, the flagship stores as well as for the online customers.