Toni Pons opens a new store in Tarragona, the second franchise in Catalonia

The Toni Pons espadrilles continue with their growth in the retail channel. On one hand, through the opening of flagship stores (Toni Pons has 9 flagship stores in the Spanish state) and on the other hand, through the opening of Toni Pons stores through franchised partners.

This is the case of the new Toni Pons franchise in Tarragona, which joins those that already exist in Sitges and Seville. This store was opened on Friday, August 2nd on Merceria Street, 23. This is the first store of the brand in the city, the fifth in Catalonia, of which it is the second under a franchise.

The location of the stores is a key aspect for Toni Pons. In this case, the place chosen to open the new franchise has been Carrer Merceria, a central street of the old town, famous for its porches, that was built in the fourteenth century.

This new store is a space with a Mediterranean character, with the espadrille as the main product and where anyone can find their ideal model. In addition, the star product is accompanied with seasonal accessories and winter footwear options for the coldest times of the year.

The brand already has franchised stores in Barcelona, Sitges, Seville, Mexico and Malaysia. After confirming its good acceptance, both by the local public and by tourists looking for a Mediterranean product and 100% made in Spain, Toni Pons continues to promote its franchise project based on a solid and recognized brand to international level.

Toni Pons Tarragona       

toni pons tarragona inauguracion

toni pons tarragona interior tienda

Toni pons Tarragona pared basicos